Love. God Love People

We exist to introduce the next generation to Jesus, the Living Word of God, and to equip them as they follow Him.

There are three things we focus on when it comes to leading this generation.


We gather together to worship God.  This happens during our Sunday morning services, and our youth service on Wednesday Night.


We believe that reading God’s Word is one of the most impactful steps a student can make in their walk with Jesus.  We intentionally walk through the Bible with students to help them understand the stories, concepts, and it’s relevancy to their daily life.


Our leaders are always looking for ways to step into the lives of students.  Being part of the church family is more than just showing up for a service, we want to show up for football games, grab coffee with students, and make faith in Jesus personal.


Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is Youth for?

We cater to middle school and high school students (6th-12th Grade).  6th Grade is a flex year for students who are beginning to transition out of kids ministry and into youth ministry.  For those students they often come to Youth on Wednesday night and KidCentral on Sunday mornings.

Are rides available?

We have a number of students that carpool with their friends, and we encourage students to invite their friends to come to youth with them.  We also have a van that picks up students who need a ride to and from youth.

What is the general flow of a youth service?

Our doors open at 6PM for students to come and hangout.  We have games and snacks available for them.  At 7PM we begin our youth service and have worship and time in God’s Word, occasionally we have discussion in groups as well.  We are typically done around 8PM and close our doors at 8:30PM.

Is there food available?

Sometimes.  We try to have snacks available for students before service and occasionally with have pizza or other food available, but its not a guarantee.  Best practice is to eat something before you get to youth.

What should parents do on Wednesday Nights?

Why should I sign up for TXT Updates?

We are so glad you asked!  We have classes available seasonally for adults, where you can gather together and build relationships with others in our church family.  

There is also opportunity for you to serve in youth as well, we love having parents serve in youth and invest in the lives of students.  If you are interested in serving youth check out our serve page.
This is the best way to stay connected with everything happening at youth.  We send regular reminders about youth services, event signups, weather cancellations, and resources via text.  It’s a simple way for students to stay connected and for parents to stay informed.  TXT “1yth” to 970-00 for updates.


The best way to stay in the loop with everything happening at youth is with our text notifications.  This allows us to quickly notify students and parents of bad weather, sign up forms for events, and updates on youth activities.